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Stephen Melville, Ph.D.

Nathan Flynn, M.S.

Jacob Banta, M.S.

Samantha Dempsey, B.S. (laboratory specialist)

Lahna Scholz, Undergrad researcher

Ryan Houlihan, Undergrad researcher

Jack Delaney, Undergrad researcher

Join the lab!

We are recruiting graduate students (Ph.D. or M.S.) and undergraduate researchers 


Graduate students can apply to the lab in one of three different programs:


Apply to the Department of Biological Sciences


Description of Program  Click here


Application Process  Click here


Apply to the Interdisciplinary Graduate Education Program in Infectious Disease (ID-IGEP) Click here


Apply to the Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB) Graduate Program Click here


If you are interested in doing undergrad research on a pathogenic bacterium, send an email to Dr. Melville ( describing your career goals, and please provide a copy of your resume and a pdf of your current transcript.

Lab Personnel

Lab Alumni

Post-doctoral advisees:

Yuling Zhao, M.D.

Yin Su, M.D.

Joy Caughron, Ph.D.



Ph.D./M.S. students


Hope Campbell, M.S.

Claudia Perez, M.S.


Sarah Kivimaki, M.S.


Angela Saadat, Ph.D.


Gary Camper, Ph.D. 


Samantha Murray, M.S.


William Hendrick, Ph.D. 


Sarah Nakraftar, M.S.


Hualan Liu. Ph.D. 


Andrea Hartman. M.S. 


Kathryn Harry, M.S.


Katherine Rodgers, Ph.D.


Matthew Mastropaolo, Ph.D.


Blair Therit, M.S.


John Varga, Ph.D.


William Horton, M.S.


David O’Brien, Ph.D. 


Ryan Knapp, Ph.D. 


Dana Walters, M.S.

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